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The Last Samurai

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I have loved this movie from the very first time I watched it.  It shows tradition, history, determination, irony ( very well ), and just how important a Samurai’s way of life really was to them.  Gorgeous landscapes throughout the movie kept me wanting more and more, also finding myself wanting to visit the area sometime in my life.  Hans Zimmer again delivers with such a stellar soundtrack, and as expected he never disappoints. This film has so many good and different attributes all coming together, such as despair, happiness, tragedy, and friendship.  Ken Watanabe shined along side Tom Cruise in this movie, and I’m so glad I have seen him in some movies after this one was made.  I was afraid he would be shackled by only playing a character of this nature, but he has branched out into many different roles.  ” And so the days of the Samurai had ended.  Nations, like men, it is sometimes said, have their own destiny. As for the American Captain, no one knows what became of him.  Some say that he died of his wounds.  Others, that he returned to his own country.  But I like to think that he may have at last found some small measure of peace, that we all seek, and few of us ever find.” -Simon Graham

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