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Rusty Griswold, is a pilot for Econo Air. We seem him piloting a short flight with an elderly man as his copilot. He heads to the bathroom to be stopped by a little kid wanting to be a pilot. Soon they hit turbulence and he falls grabbing a ladies breasts. Then landing on the kid…then ripping her shirt open. As he tries to make the commute home a pilot of a bigger airline forces Rusty out of the way and takes the last spots on the bus.

Back at Rusty’s house we see Rusty’s wife, Debbie and his sons Kevin, the bully and James the weird free spirit. During dinner with friends after seeing Jack interact with his son Gary, Rusty decides to do the same with James. It’s beyond awkward. NEEEXT!


For vacation Rusty and his family normally go to a cabin that no one likes going to but him. Rusty then decides to take his family to Wally World. After renting a ridiculous car they head out for the long trip. If you’ve seen Vacation with Chevy Chase you know this won’t go as planned. Kevin the asshole insults a trucker leading the Griswold’s to roll their car and continue on their way. They stop at some hot springs and rather than wait in line take the ill advised direction of a local hillbilly and take a back road. They end up in a toxic waste dump smearing crappy (literally) mud on themselves and Rusty comes up with an ear stuck to his ear. They make it to the car only to see they have been robbed.


They make it to Rusty’s sister and her husband, Stones house. Stone (Chris Hemsworth) has a ridiculous honky accent and a comically large penis. That should be enough of a description, right? Needless to say they make it to Wally World, it’s open this time and we see Clark and Ellen own a bed and breakfast.


My thoughts: So, let’s just start by not associating this movie with the original. Do that and you might enjoy this movie a little more. Not a lot….but some. This movie relied on vulgar humor which don’t get me wrong…I’m cool with but you can’t rely on that alone to make a movie. Rusty and Debbie constantly try to have crazy out of the box sex in weird places, Rusty tries to attempt to help James get a girl and ends up sounding like a complete creep, Kevin is a serial killer in the making, the side story of Debbie being easy and Rusty finding what he thinks is a Brillo pad only to figure out its a large ball of pubic hair? Ugh. Do what? I won’t say I didn’t laugh…because I did. But the movie as a whole just wasn’t that wonderful. Cheap laughs don’t make up for the rest of the plot falling on its face.


3.5 How does a cow explode when you hit it with a four wheeler? out of 10


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