Movie Review: The Revenant

Read Hollywood’s Movie Review of The Revenant!   We open on Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) speaking to his son, Hawk in Indian language. We then see their home on fire and Hugh holding his wife. Set around the 1820’s Hugh, his son Hawk and their group of fellow hunters stalk wildlife and live on a settlement with other fur trappers led by the captain, Andrew. We soon see one of their people wander into camp and collapse with an arrow in his back. Soon another man is shot in the neck with an arrow and falls into the campfire. The entire settlement is attacked by a local tribe of Arikara Indians. The men fire back trying to take as many out as they can with their rifles and knives. The surviving men take their furs and make their way to a boat to hopeful safety. We learn the Arikara Indians are looking for one of their daughters and think one of the men might have taken her.   image As the men seek a new settlement, Hugh is separated from the men one day and is brutally mauled by a grizzly bear but not before taking the bear out. Hugh, being the one who can help them get where they need to go is found and the men attempt to patch Hugh’s catastrophic injuries up the best they can and agree to carry him with them on a stretcher refusing to leave him behind. Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), who already dislikes Hugh and his Indian son isn’t really into this idea but the captain has made the decision. As the men make their way through the vast expanse of forests, heavy snow and chilling temperatures they come to a point that would mean trying to get Hugh up a mountain which the men simply can’t do. Their group of men who started out fairly large has slowly dwindled. Andrew decides to offer a bonus to the men that will stay behind with Hugh and his son Hawk. Whoever stays will stay with him until he’s well enough to travel or if the time comes, put him out of his pain and suffering and give him a proper burial. Fitzgerald and Bridger (Will Poulter) agree to stay behind but Fitzgerald has other plans. image One morning, Hugh on his stretcher unable to speak from the wound in his throat is approached by Fitzgerald who offers to help end his pain. As he begins to try to suffocate Hugh, Hawk walks up to see what’s being done and begins to make a scene. Fitzgerald, after killing Hawk in cold blood as Hugh is forced to watch tells Bridger Indians are coming and they must leave but not before burying Hugh alive and leaving him for dead. Hugh claws his way out from his grave and makes his way to his son. With revenge in his heart and determination to find Fitzgerald he heads out to find the man responsible. image My Thoughts: The Revenant was just so damn beautiful yet so brutal to watch. You were thrown into a world of unforgiving wilderness and unrelenting triumph. Hugh Glass is a man who has suffered so much and has his only son ripped from him by a psychopath. One thing that struck me about this movie was how real things appeared. Watching movies with gore and blood is one thing but watching a man being mauled by a bear not once but twice as he is bitten and ripped at while he fights for his life was truly terrifying. To see Hugh close his throat wound that the water he drank ran out of with gun powder and fire, staying warm any way he can on his long exhausting trek alone with little supplies, combined with the pain of betrayal. All of these things commingled with amazing jobs from Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy brought what I think is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time together. You get just a glimpse of what living in those times might have been like and how strong you would have to be to keep going. All odds against you. Horrible conditions, scarce food, the constant threat of Indians and wildlife. The Revenant is a damn good movie not to be missed.


9.5 Fitzgerald, you double crossing son of a bitches out of 10


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