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As we see something flying through space we open on a little town called Wheelsy. 2 men of the local police force, Chief Bill Pardy and Wally are sitting in their patrol car. Chief Pardy is trying to nap while Wally is checking people for speeding. As they are chatting we see whatever was flying through the sky crash and land in the forest behind them. The camera pans in and we see the meteor crack open exposing an alien worm.


Starla is a school teacher at a local school and long time love interest of Bill Pardy. Starla’s married to Grant Grant, an older wealthy man who managed to snag the younger Starla. After being turned down for sex one night Grant decides to go for a walk. He ends up at a local bar where he meets up with Brenda, a girl he knew years ago and she’s had a crush on him for a long time. They end up out in the woods where she shows him she carved their initials into a tree and they make out for a brief moment. Grant thinks twice and suddenly sees something in the woods. He makes his way to it only to have something fly out of a blob like shape and into his chest. It takes over his brain, memories and most of what makes him, him. Grant is already changing. But into what? He makes his way home in need of meat.


Following a morning of making things up to Grant, Starla notices the spot on Grant’s chest where the alien thing entered him but he claims it’s just a bug bite. Starla later sees Grant has put a pad lock on the door to the basement and he says it’s something for her birthday. Skeptical but deciding not to pry further Starla lets it go. It’s time for hunting season in Wheelsy and the celebration known as “Deer Cheer” is well under way. As Starla is in the shower Grant looks ill. His skin is splotchy and something is affecting him. He makes his way to the bathroom where what we now see are worm like tentacles come out of his shirt…squirming towards Starla. He freaks out and says he needs to go to work. Starla spends the evening at Deer Cheer without Grant and Bill Pardy stays as close to her as he can.

While this is going on Grant makes his way to Brenda’s home for what she assumes is sex. Soon though he’s got her pinned down and the tentacles come out again. He stabs them into her and begins to fill her with the alien worms. Using her as an incubator for millions of the alien worms to infect the people of Wheelsey and eventually earth in its entirety. Starla comes home to find Grant in far worse shape than he had been. Claiming it was bees. Bill Pardy is suspicious of Grant after he is the last person to see Brenda alive and a run in with him show he’s got something seriously wrong with him.


All the local police soon band together with the mayor, Jack McCready, to find Grant. People and pets are disappearing and they want to know what’s going on. Brenda is a worm filled blob in a shed feeding off road kill, worms a plenty, acid spitting zombies and Grant is congealing with the people of Wheelsy building his power. Can they stop Grant before he and his worms kill off everyone on the planet?

My thoughts: Slither was one of those I thought looked pretty good and truly loved it once I was done watching it! It’s got a retro feel to it but it definitely stands alone. It’s gross, freaking hilarious and doesn’t let up from beginning to end! One of the things I like best is the writing itself. So many movies try at humor and horror at the same time and fail. One of my favorite characters is Jack McCready. From his foul mouth to freaking out about Mr Pibb being the only Coke he likes to “bitch is hardcore” he was funny as hell. I also enjoyed the back story of the alien being. What it was, what its history was and what its plans were for earth. Oh, and Nathan Fillion can’t be missed either. He’s hilarious! His stoic smart ass demeanor fits perfectly. Oh, and a zombie deer? YARP!


8 blob Brenda’s out of 10


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