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The movie opens on 3 people tied to posts in a cornfield and one being set on fire. We then see former Deputy So & So heading into a church for somewhat of a confessional. He then asks the priest if he believes in evil and how to stop it. The priest tells him you can’t stop evil, you just have to protect yourself from it.


Cut to Courtney and her sons, Dylan and Zach shopping in a grocery store. They are playing around and join Courtney again but she’s been seeing a man in the store repeatedly. For some reason she starts to panic and after saying the code word “rutabaga” her and the kids start to run. We hear the stranger on the phone saying that’s definitely her. At this point we aren’t sure what that’s about.

Courtney and her sons make it to the farm house they are staying in after escaping her abusive husband. Ex-Deputy So & So has been following the trail of Bughuul and his patterns and burning down any house associated with this curse. He makes it out to where Courtney is living to do the same thing but find the house occupied.


He doesn’t tell them why he’s really there just tells them not to leave. A colleague of Jonas from the first film calls Ex Deputy So & So and says Jonas is missing and he may have left behind the clue to figuring it all out. A ham radio captured a creepy kid playing a piano and talking about Bughuul. It connects the crimes over the years.¬†While this is going on Dylan is being haunted in his dreams and being told by a ghost spokesperson if you will, Milo to come to the basement and watch their movies. Lucky for us each movie comes complete with its own record soundtrack. It even has Bughuuls logo thing on it! Who knew he was into marketing? Anyways, if Dylan doesn’t do what Milo wants he will have bad dreams or Bughuul will kill his whole family. Which is what Bughuul wanted anyways. Zach wants to be the chosen one but Milo tells him his brother is the chosen one.¬†Courtney’s husband shows back up wanting the kids back…not once but twice and the second time she just agrees to go back with him.


The next day Milo and his cohort friends as well as Mr Boogies AKA Bughuul have put their plan into motion with Zach at its lead now. Dylan knows something’s up and texts Ex Deputy So & So asking for help. Once he gets to the house he hears screaming coming from far off in the cornfield. He makes his way over there and plows down Zach with his car trying to stop him. Courtney’s husband has already burned to death and Dylan was next. Milo tells him to keep making the movie. He grabs a sickle and off he goes! Back at the house after some throwing of things and trying to finish everyone off Zach’s camera is smashed preventing him from finishing his movie. Bughuul takes Zach where the other kids are. Ex Deputy So & So, Courtney and Dylan try to take off but….


My thoughts: I’m going to start off with things wrong with this movie. The first Sinister was creepy from star to finish. It never really let up. This one…I found myself being bored at times. The movies on there although gruesome didn’t scare me like the others did. I thought Milo, kind of the leader of the dead kids was a goofy premise. A demon needs a spokesperson? Why did each movie get its own soundtrack? Why are his symbols on the records and ham radio? I get it’s supposed be about Bughuul but it’s like a brand name and logo to me. I can see how they were trying to tie the story of Courtney and her abusive husband to the Bughuul thing, making them leave so they could be killed and the curse could continue but I started feeling like this was a drama about a woman escaping abuse more than a horror movie. And when Zach’s camera is destroyed Ex Deputy So & So says it’s over. He can’t kill anymore…yet Bughuul shows up at the end so yeah…he can. I saw this movie explained more about who Bughuul was and what he was. To me the first one did far more than this one did. Milo has Dylan watch all these movies which he says repeatedly he won’t watch anymore then does and in the end Milo tells him it wasn’t for him and use Zach to do the demons bidding. So why not just skip right to Zach? While Sinister 2 did have some scares and jump in your seat moments it mainly did it with loud ear popping effects. I came into it with high hopes even though the ratings were rather poor but sometimes people get it wrong so I gave it a chance. I was pretty disappointed. I started this with what’s wrong with this movie but honestly I can’t think of many good things to say. The trailer scared me more than the movie itself so maybe just stick to that or wait to rent it. Oh, and Jonas clue to figuring it all out? Never really did anything. That part went no where.


3 alligator chomps out of 10


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