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We open on an old police station in transition and Jessica Loren, a rookie cop working the last shift to be had at this place. Little does Jessica know that this night also coincides with a triple suicide to the date a year earlier in that very station. A cult leader, John Michael Paymon and 2 of his female followers killed themselves once arrested for multiple brutal murders.


Soon Jessica receives a call. A young woman pleading for help. Someone has taken her and she needs help. She doesn’t know where she is but from her description of things she’s on a farm of some sort. After a few bumps and noises Jessica makes her way out front to investigate only to come back in to what looks like a scraggly homeless somewhat unresponsive man standing in the front lobby, peeing on the floor. Jessica manages to shoo him out and locks herself back in.

As Jessica wanders the halls she makes her way through decrepit bathrooms, evidence rooms she finds herself in a locker room. One minute only one locker is open and the next every single one is open. She’s confused but makes her way back to the front and the phone rings yet again. It’s the same girl. Still pleading for help. Not knowing what to do but they are coming for her. Jessica is confused by this since 911 calls aren’t supposed to be directed there. She finally gets the girl to tell her who she is and how old she is. But things aren’t as they seem with Monica Young.

Jessica soon spirals into a waking nightmare. Chairs stacked atop each other with no seen force. Cabinets moving, singing, grotesque apparitions and voices. A guy at the new police station tells her there’s another reason they’ve moved out of that building. Strange things were happening. Unexplained things. And the girl Jessica is describing died a year ago. She was one of the many victims of the cult.


An officer Ryan Price shows up claiming he came to check on her and that he knew her dad killed trying to stop additional murders involving the cult. Jessica begins to loosen up when the man says he needs to go. He turns, exposing a large exit wound out the back of his head. The crazy hobo guy has some how made his way back in. After Jessica locks him up he screams to be let out. That something is with him. She later finds him hanging in his cell. John Michael Paymon, his cult members and victims also begin to reveal themselves in terrifying ways. Jessica is slowly losing grip on reality. Not knowing if someone is messing with her or if something truly is happening. Phone calls from her dead father only add to the hellish chaos. Will she make it out alive or sane for that matter?

My thoughts: I came into this movie with a misconception of what it actually was. Once the bumps in the night started I knew this was a good old fashioned haunting. I’ve seen so many movies a lot of which didn’t really scary me. Last Shift was truly creepy as hell. When officer Price shows back up and he mimics a gun and shoots himself in the head as his eyes roll back and blood flows, to the guy dragged and then lifted in the hall by unseen forces as he moves and jerks his way slowly towards Jessica to us seeing John Michael Paymon’s true terrifying face. The suspense starts up early and only intensifies as the film continues! This is one I was found in Redbox and figured we would give a whirl and was very pleasantly surprised! It’s a movie that didn’t go over board with effects keeping things simple and quite nicely done. You know Jessica is slipping towards insanity but you aren’t sure just how much until the crazy conclusion.


7.5 creepy cult members out of 10


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