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The movie opens on Mike in a holding cell, cuffed, bruised and beaten looking. We see flashes of what’s happened over the last few days.

Mike and Phoebe are a stoner slacker couple living in West Virginia. Mike works at a convenient store spending his days drawing and rolling joints, Phoebe at a bail bonds business. Mike plans a trip to Hawaii to propose to Phoebe but he ends up in a bathroom having a panic attack causing them to miss their flight.


At the CIA headquarters we see Victoria going through classified files. While trying to get her old assistant to leave her alone a private lined phone rings in her desk. She cautiously answers it to be told Tough Guy is moving in on Little Man. He is to be terminated immediately. Little Man is a former agent of a program Victoria started and he is now to be eliminated. We soon find out that Little Man is in fact Mike. He was part of the program but when it was negatively effecting the subjects involved his mind was cleared and a new identity was installed. Adrian Yates, who is over Victoria is the driving force behind this move to kill off Mike whether he had approval or not.


Victoria feels the need to go to West Virginia and warn Mike of what’s about to happen. She soon wanders into his convenient store, sets some ramen noodles and milk on the counter and says a certain set of code words and phrases. Mike, utterly confused and thinking she’s crazy has no idea what she’s talking about. Little does he know, Victoria has just activated the agent within him. The CIA is closing in, Phoebe with a secret of her own, cover stories of rabid monkeys, and a spoon to the throat! Will Mike make it out alive?


My thoughts: American Ultra had more of a romance angle to it than I expected which I could have done without but it was better than I assumed it would be! Jesse Eisenberg was completely unassuming as a CIA trained agent and reminded me of his character in Zombieland. Funny, dorky but able to handle himself. Kristen Stewart was awkward as always but it worked a little better in this movie. Laughs, explosions and over the top attacks to try to take Mike out made this an overall fun movie to watch! Adrian, Topher Grace, finally getting what’s coming to him after pretty much hating him the entire movie? Icing on the cake!

5.5 toothless cross dresser guy from Sons of Anarchy out of 10


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