About Narp/Yarp

​Narp/Yarp started as a demon’s whisper.  A turtle’s dream in outer space.  Actually it came from a casual conversation between family members.  We love movies and video games.  We love the stories, style, drama, humor, awesomeness, all that crap.  We are by no means experts on the subjects, but we want to share our immensely measurable knowledge and opinions with you!  Enjoy!

Meet your reviewers!


The only gentleman to actually kick Dr. Machino’s butt.



In the darkest corners of a galaxy far far away…in the deepest pits of Mount Doom…from the back of the Winchester where John will do you a toastie…where Ray didn’t heet Canadians…comes HOLLYWOOD. *OHHH AHHH* A lover of movies new and old. Cheesy to fantastical. Really bad to just meh! A lady that watched movies like Feardotcom, Dr Giggles and The Dentist 1 AND 2 (thank you) and walked away unscathed. I bequeath to you, my reviews. Come away from reading them with what you will. Shock and awe? An uncontrollable desire to be my friend? I know…I know…get in line! Now off you go nerfherders! I’ve got elevensies to enjoy!



Jake Wiseau

Oh hi, world!  Ah ha ha, I must be kidding aren’t I?  I love movie, and game for the very interesting story.  I don’t plan too much, since it may not come out right.  Sometimes I watch a movie or play the game, and I think “How could you do this to me?” or “Everybody betray me, I fed up with this world.”  but it’s not true, it is NOT.  At the end of the day, you know what they say, love is blind…Do I quit loving these things?  No, it’s not true, don’t even ask!